Drawing the Circle of Unity

Some of you who have seen our tab at the top of this page labeled “Draw the Circle of Unity” must be wondering exactly how this entire project got started.  

Recently the Iranian government published the addresses of Iranian Baha’is in local newspapers and prohibited citizens from any social and business interactions with them. After this mass spread of religious persecution, we realized that this virus had spread into the minds of Iranian children. Baha’i children all throughout the country are being mocked, shamed, insulted, and shunned, by both classmates and teachers because of their beliefs. 

By Drawing the Circle of Unity we want to extend our support, warmth, and  love to the children. Children of all religions are suffering from the hostile environment the government is enforcing upon their families. We hope to spread our support into the homes of all of the victims of Iran’s pernicious policy, please join us in spreading the vaccine: unity.


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