UN office presents facts about the children in Iran

In response to those of you who are deeply concerned and have asked about some references to the incidents of the violation of the human rights of the Baha’i children in Iran, we like to refer you to the following site:


We also invite others to share their own stories, whether recent or in the past with us for the benefit of all children.



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One Response to UN office presents facts about the children in Iran

  1. Syza says:

    Gibson has a LOT of PR cleanup to do if he still wants a caerer as a director. His last known appearance in the news left us with him being stopped on a drunk-driving binge, calling a female cop “sugar tits” and and asking the cops if “the jews” set him up. His father is a religous conspiracy theorist who believes the holocaust never happened.And he quite obviously has a torture fetish, noting that his heros invariably get tortured in every movie he’s done.Doing a biopic on a Baha’i matryr kills two birds with one stone.

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