Prayers for human rights

If there is fairness and transparency, no loving human being would  fear the trial of the seven Bahaí leaders who have been spending their valuable days in the darksome cells of the Evin Prison in Iran for over a year. Indeed, if truth and honesty was the mark of this trial, the Bahaís would all rejoice not just because of the freedom of these magnanimous souls but because of the liberation of the cause of justice and human rights. But alas, if the past is a sign of the present and future, there is much for every fairminded human being to fear.

We are all lifting our eyes and hands and asking for divine assistance and intervention so those in charge of this historic trial can do as God would wish them to do. There will be prayer and supplication gatherings all over the world. On Wednsday Oct 14,09 there is a big gathering in the evening at the campus of USC.

On Friday evening Oct 16, 09 there will be a prayer and music gathering in Claremont California in order to rememeber the Bahaís of Iran. The friends will be especially praying for those who hope to administer justice and uphold the human rights of all people. For more information please call 909-626-2569


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