Human Rights In Iran Concert Part One

Human Rights Support in Iran Concert, Part one from Keyvan Geula on Vimeo.

The magic of music especially watching a quartet is about the harmony. As I was watching the magic of harmony, I was wondering about the amount of time, effort and discipline it has taken for the four musician to be able to produce a harmonious magical production that lifts ones soul up to the heavens.

Why do we think that harmony amongst people in the family, in the nations and in the world can happen without instruction, practice, discipline, commitment and knowledge?

The issue of violations of human rights will not be resolved unless we teach our children the principles of oneness and the way of living in harmony with diverse people. Harmony does appreciate diversity but cannot tolerate hatred, cruelty, and violence.

The magic of the concert was magnetic. Every single soul in that room was listening in harmony to the harmony and the faces wee beaming with joy and delight. The diversity of people created a flower garden of humanity. Everyone gathered in harmony and support of human rights for all.

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