Jihad is not Allowed any More

دیالکتیک شمشیر و جهاد در آثار حضرت باب — نادر سعیدی

With the Revelation of the Bab the command of Jihad was made forbidden by the Bab.

In this article Nader Saiidi, the sociologist and Baha’i scholar clarifies how and why the command of Jihad which was established and practice in Islam was abolished in the Babi and Baha’i Revelation. Much emotions is attached in Islamic history to the practice of Jihad. From the history of Crusaders to the present violence against unbelievers and infidels in Islamic countries, humanity has been suffering the violent consequences of the law of Jihad.

The children of humanity must rejoice to know that; With the break with the traditions of the past in 1844, a new and unprecedented beginning in the annals of religion is established by the authors of Babi and Baha’i Revelation. The Bab and subsequently Baha’u’llah declared the new religion of God safe from any acts of violence and force, therefore, ushering in the age of unity and peace beginning with 1844 the birth of the Baha’i Era. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 serves as a much later and secular acknowledgment and execution of this new divine law.

دیالکتیک شمشیر و جهاد در  آثار حضرت باب

نادر سعیدی

چندی قبل نویسنده ای به نام علیرضا رضوی در باره بخشی از یکی از مقالات این نگارنده دست به قلم برده و آن را مورد انتقاد قرار داده است. در آن مقاله نوشته ام که حکم جهاد ظاهرا در  آثار حضرت باب وجود دارد اما در واقعیت این احکام برای عمل نبوده چرا که در همان  آثار اجرای آن احکام مشروط به شروط محال گردیده است و در نتیجه حکم راستین حضرت باب نفی جهاد می باشد. به گفته نویسنده این نطر نادرست است. وی در اثبات گفته خود چهار استدلال مطرح می کند. اول آنکه می گوید “این سخن در تناقضی تام با سخنان رهبران و نویسندگان مهم و برجسته بهائی نظیر گلپایگانی و اشراق خاوری است” و آنگاه با تقل قول از این دو نویسنده و نیز نقل قولی از حضرت عبدالبهاء استدلال می کند که همه آنها از وجود حکم جهاد در  آثار حضرت باب سخن گفته اند.

دومین استدلال نویسنده انتقاد از این قسمت مقاله ام می باشد که در آن نوشته ام:

“اوّلاً همان  آثاری که حکم جهاد و خشونت را ظاهراً تأیید می نماید این نکته را بارها مؤکّد می سازد که افراد بابی هرگز حق شرکت در جهاد را ندارند. بلکه بالعکس انجام جهاد باید صرفاً ازطریق دولت بابی و ظهورسلطان بابی درکشوری که حکومت آن حکومتی بابی است صورت پذیرد… صریح ترین ومهمترین بحث در مورد جهاد درکتاب بیان فارسی در باب 5 از واحد 5 صورت می گیرد. امّا پس ازذکر حکم جهاد حضرت باب تصریح می فرمایند که واین حکم برسلاطین صاحب اقتداردردین است نه برهمه ودر بلادی که باعث حزن نفسی یا ضرّ نفسی شود اظهار آنرا هم خدا وند اذن نفرموده

The Baha’i teachings explicitly forbids the use of any form of force (Jihad) in administering the cause of religion. The matter of belief according to Baha’u’llah is absolutely voluntary. The responsibility of the believers is only to share the love and knowledge of God and leave it to the individual to accept or reject it.

Baha’u’llah teaches:

PRAISE and glory beseem the Lord of Names and the Creator of the heavens, He, the waves of Whose ocean of Revelation surge before the eyes of the peoples of the world. The Day-Star of His Cause shineth through every veil and His Word of affirmation standeth beyond the reach of negation. Neither the ascendancy of the oppressor nor the tyranny of the wicked hath been able to thwart His Purpose. How glorified is His sovereignty, how exalted His dominion!Great God! Although His signs have encompassed the world and His proofs and testimonies are shining forth and manifest as the light, yet the ignorant appear heedless, nay rather, rebellious. Would that they had been content with opposition. But at all times they are plotting to cut down the sacred Lote-Tree. Since the dawn of this Revelation the embodiments of selfishness have, by resorting to cruelty and oppression, striven to extinguish the Light of divine manifestation. But God, having stayed their hands, revealed this Light through His sovereign authority and protected it through the power of His might until earth and heaven were illumined by its radiance and brightness. Praise be unto Him under all conditions.

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