The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Gnat; a Flood of Reaction to Noorizad and Makhmalbaf


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Issues Edict Against Baha’i Faith In Iran

The news of Noorizad kissing the feet of the five year old little Baha’i followed by the release of Makhmalbaf’s movie; Gardner, opened a flood gate of attacks by the Islamic Republic Regime including the edict of the  supreme leader against the Baha’is of Iran banning Muslims from association with their fellow Baha’i citizens. CNS reports: Baha’i followers are frequently under pressures from Iranian authorities, which has prompted outcry among international human rights groups.

LIGNET reports; although Tehran’s intolerance against the country’s 300,000 Baha’is comes as no surprise, Khamenei’s latest edict is likely to provide impetus for a renewed crackdown against the repressed minority within the Islamic Republic.

ABC News also reports: Top Iran Leader Issues Edict on Baha’i Faith

Some say, Noorizad’s kiss and Makhmalbaf’s movie awakened the sleepy the mass media all over the world and by the aggressive reaction of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran, you can tell something has touched a nerve! What are they afraid of, one might wonder? They have been systematically aiming at the head and heart of every aspect of the Baha’i community of Iran who is meek but unshaken. How long and how much the Baha’i community who treasures its integrity and well wishing attitude towards the whole humanity, can withstand the deadly beatings of the most vicious dominant and rootless regime who feels threatened by the very breath of each and every Baha’i?

Baha’u’llah’s Revelation and the plight of its enemies reminds me of the story by Rumi about the conflict between the wind and the gnat. Solomon the wise kind was called by the gnat to meditate and issue his judgement. In his wisdom, he said the only way to judge fairly, he needs to summon the wind. But the gnat knew far too well that the very existence of the wind means his demise and destruction; the wind and the gnat cannot coexist the same way light and darkness cannot coexist. The Baha’is of Iran are the very instrument of the mighty wind of the will of God for humanity to move forward and their very existence is a mighty threat to anyone who  does not understand the ever progressive forces of God’s most recent Revelation. Throughout human history this Wind has blown away the old and outdated traditions that stood in the way of progress and ever greater circle of unity of all humanity. At one time, the Revelation of Moses was the instrument of this mighty wind against the very power of Faro, at another the Revelation of Christ was God”s mighty instrument, the Revelation of Muhammad did carry the Will of the All Mighty and forwarded humanity to realize the progressive nature of the Will that loves humanity far too much to abandon it to the vain imaginations of those who see themselves as God. This divine Wind doeth as He willeth and rises whom he chooses to move humanity to a greater circle of oneness and unity and no one, no power, no Regime can defeat the forces of the Wind of an ever advancing civilization destined to move forward all humanity by its loving creator. The Islamic Republic Regime must see itself as the gnat whose very existence is threatened by the onrushing and cleansing Wind of the Will of the All Mighty. The Revelation of Baha’u’llah is the light house of Divine love the Islamic regime is aiming to get out of their way per the story of Mighty Missouri ordering the light house to get out of its way!! “We could just blow them — let them know who we are!” The signal goes out: “This is the Mighty Missouri, Flagship of the Seventh Fleet!”  The signal returns: “This is the Lighthouse.”


This is the lighthouse


Ayatollah Khamenai’s recent declaration of forbidden association with Baha’is of Iran is a serious attack on the captive Baha’i community. The Baha’is of Iran cannot and should not fight the dark forces all by themselves. This is the hour of the truth and everyone must speak up.

The following article by Irfan Sabeti in Keyhan is rich with brief but intelligent and credible facts and information about the history of Baha’i community in Iran and its struggle to survive the relentless and rootless attacks of the Dart-Wader of Islamic Republic Regime.


كيهان: ١٨ دروغ در ٨ خط درباره بهائیان

1 مرداد 1392

عرفان ثابتی

هرچند طرح اتهامات گوناگون بر ضد بهاييان پيشينه ای ديرينه دارد و به دوران قاجار می رسد، به جرات می توان گفت در هيچ برهه ای از تاريخ معاصر، رسانه های دولتی، نيمه دولتی و شبه دولتی، از منابرِ مساجد و حسينيه ها و حوزه ها گرفته تا روزنامه ها و مجله ها و کتاب ها و شبکه های راديويی و تلويزيونی و وب سايت ها و وبلاگ ها، با چنين حدت و شدتی سنگين ترين اتهامات را متوجه بهاييان نساخته اند.

سفر محسن مخملباف به اسرائیل برای شرکت در جشنوارۀ فیلم اورشلیم و نمایش فیلم باغبان، که به آیین بهائی می پردازد، و دیدار محمد نوری زاد از یک خانوادۀ بهائی در تهران، که چند تن از اعضای آن به جرم پیروی از این آیین اعدام یا زندانی شده اند، حملۀ رسانه های اصول گرا و برخی چهره های اصلاح طلب (از جمله همسر و فرزند یکی از شهدای نامدار و برخی از منتقدان و نویسندگان سینمایی) به این دو و آیین بهائی را در پی داشته است.

An Iranian Muslim woman wants you to think; “Moosavi is Baha’i and must be executed!!”

روزنامۀ کیهان تهران در خبر ویژۀ روز پنج شنبه بیست و هفتم تیرماه ضمن حملۀ شدید به محمد نوریزاد و محسن مخملباف چنین نوشته است: “بهائيت فرقه‌ای جعلی و حزبی استعمارساخته است که از سوی رژيم انگلیس پایه‌گذاری شد و مقر آن در شهر حیفا واقع در فلسطین اشغالی قرار دارد. سران این گروه، پیوند عمیقی با صهیونیسم جهانی و شبکه فراماسونری دارند. سران بهائيت در رژیم پهلوی از نخست‌وزیری و وزارت تا مدیریت‌ها و بنگاه‌های بزرگ اقتصادی ایران را قبضه کردند و به غارت منابع ملی پرداختند. آنها پس از انقلاب نیز در حوزه‌های جاسوسی، اخلالگری اقتصادی از جمله در حوزه ارز، و نفوذ و خرابکاری در حوزه مطبوعات و سینما و هنر، و نهایتاً نقش‌آفرینی در تشنج‌آفرینی‌های سیاسی فعال بوده‌اند. شماری از اعضای این گروهک در جریان فتنه‌انگیزی و اهانت به ساحت امام حسین (ع) روز عاشورای سال ۸۸ دستگیر شدند.”

You look at the ridiculous picture above, sadly carried by a woman. She believes she is right!! When ignorance is collective and the village clergy gets you to expel the new ly arrived teacher who has come to teach everyone to read and write  the villege inhabitants are ignorant and gulable, Don’t you feel outrage? Then please rise and at least say; really who believes these lies?

The truth is that with every new blow to the gentle body of the Baha’i community of Iran, a thousand voices of justice rise from all corners of the world to defend the rights of those who has chosen to patiently endure and have refused to become like their enemies full of the venom of hatred and filled by the dark forces of injustice and ungodly terror.

The letter of Giti Pour Fazel in response to the Noorizad kissing the feet of the little Baha’i is yet another sign of the gathering power of the wind of the will o the people of Iran in defense of their innocent Baha’i brothers and sisters. Pour Fazel writes about her own experience as a defense lawyer who has witnessed the injustices committed by the Islamic Regime against the innocent Baha’is who are the captive of the claws of the Islamic regime and spending their precious lives in Islamic Republic prisons. She wants the world to know and be her witness before the all knowing God,that she did whatever she could to defend the innocence of the Baha’is and make the crooked right but of no fruits.


نامه خانم گیتی پورفاضل وکیل دادگستری خطاب به آقای نوریزاد

من پرونده های بیشماری از بهاییان و زندانیان سیاسی داشته ودارم ودراین راستا هرچه در توان داشته ام دریغ نکرده ام ، زکات کارخویش را پرداخته ام تا درآن جهان روسیاه نباشم پیوسته به روشنی از ناهمواریهای رنج آورگفته ام والبته تاوانش را هم با لغو 14 سال پروانه کارم بوسیله آقای محمدی گیلانی بدون محاکمه و دلیل و مدرک قاضی پسند از سال 62 تا 76 دادم لیکن هرگز از پای ننشستم وبازهم با زبان گویا فریاد زده ومیزنم که رسم جوانمردی نیست ملتی را به ذلت کشانیدن ودر ضلالت رها کردن وبرفریبش خندیدن ، دروغ را جانشین راستی و بیدادرا برکرسی دادنشانیدن وباخودکامگی براه خود ادامه دادن ، همه را به هیچ انگاشتن وجیفه دنیا را با آخرت تاخت زدن ودستهای سرخ و گناه آلودرا روبروی چشمان میلیونها تن گرفتن و نشاند دادن وبه نیایش دروغین ایستادن وکبودی مُهربرپیشانی زده رابه تماشای خلق گذاشتن وبا خودنماییهای زاهدانه سراب را جای آب نشاندن و تشنه کامان را دربرهوت کویرتنها رهاکردن و خود در دریایی فراخ غوطه خوردن و فریادهای گوشخراش مرگ رهاشدگان در نمکزاررا نشنیدن مارا به یاد شعر پرمعنای حافظ می اندازد که

زاهدان چون جلوه در محراب و منبر می کنند            چون به خلوت میروند آن کار دیگر میکنند

Let us remember that the power of the meek rests on the balance of the rise of the voices of justice from the strong. The Baha’is of Iran cannot defeat the gnat alone. People of conscience have to loud their voice and join the forces of light to dispel the long night of ignorance and sorrow. Knowledge is light so let us talk and stand up for all human right.


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