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Happy Birthday Baha’u’llah for Teaching How Humanity Can have the Good of This World and the Next.!

Tweet         The Baha’is of Iran have been the target of the non stop attacks of the Islamic Republic Regime with all its powers and forces. From the onset of the revolution, secret documents were found that … Continue reading

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Hadi Khorsandi and خاک عالم بر سرم

Tweet Sometimes the only way you can express your frustration and outrage is through the means of laughter and humour. The situation of human rights in Iran has passed its threshold of reason or dealing with the people of reason … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Loving Resilience of the Baha’is of Iran.

Tweet When you talk to the Baha’is of Iran, they completely break every social and emotional norm. They laugh, they continue to do their work and they hope. They have a very firm grip on hope despite all the attempts … Continue reading

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Baha’i Prisoners Celebrating the Arrival of Naw-Ruz in Rajaee-Shahr Prison

Tweet هرانا؛ برگزاری جشن چهار شنبه سوری و نوروز ۹۲ سالن دوازده زندان گوهر دشت کرج The Baha’i prisoners in the Rajaii Shahr prison along with their other political inmate friends celebrated the coming of Naw-Ruz thinking about their families, … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Significance and Boundaries of Fasting to Assert Inner Freedom

Tweet   Last night we celebrated the final day of the Ayyam-I-Ha or the Baha’i calendar inter-calary days. There were a wonderful gathering of many friends from all backgrounds, all ages, representing many parts of the world, delicious potluck, building … Continue reading

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