Story of Noura in Islamic Republic Prison and Why We Need to Talk About Her

My deepest prayers comes your way my friends. This is a very difficult and testing time we are all living and witnessing. It seems like all humanity is sitting in an ever heating pan with the whole world boiling in it. The news and all that is around us is most adversarial and unfiltered exposure to it can be  more than we can take.

We need to focus on what we can do and leave what we cannot to Him. Let us dwell on the pleasant thought of life such as us keeping each other in our prayers and doing good by making a difference in the lives of others.

We can  only change and lift the whole world one soul at a time. Let us ask for the wind under Noura’s wing and the rest of humanity will feel loved and rise to do good.

“قلوب مؤمنین و مؤمنات را بلاحق محزون نمودن اَشـَدّ است از تخریب بیتالله.

خداوند در هر حال غنی بوده از خلق خود و دوست داشته و می‌دارد که کلّ با مُنتهای حُبّ در جنّات او متصاعد گردند که هیچ نفسی بر هیچ نفسی به قدر نَفَسی حُزنی وارد نیاورد که کلّ در مهد امن و أمان او باشند الی یوم القیامة که آن اوّل یوم ظهور مَن یُظهره‌الله  است …

هیچ جنّتی از نفس عمل به اوامرالله أعلیتر نبوده نزد موحّدین و هیچ ناری اشدّ از تجاوز از حدودالله و تجاوز نفسی بر نفسی نبوده اگرچه به قدر خردلی باشد در نزد عالِمین ِ بالله و آیات او …”

“از مصائب وارده مکدّر مباشید.  چه که لازال بلایا مخصوص اصفیای حق بوده و خواهد بود.  پس نیکوست حال نفسی که بما وَرَدَ عَلَیه راضی و شاکر باشد.  چه که وارد نمی‌شود بر نفسی مِن عندِالله إلّا آنچه از برای آن نفس بهتر است از آنچه خلق شده مابین سموات و ارض و چون ناس به این سِرّ و سرّ آن آگاه نیستند لذا در موارد بلایا خود را محزون مشاهده می‌نمایند.  لم‌یزل و لایزال بر مقرّ اطمینان ساکن باشید و از اثمار عرفان مرزوق

  • انه لهو المقتدر المختار
  • He is, in truth, the Omnipotent, the Unconstrained!
  • . يامالك الاسماء وفاطر السماء
  • O Lord of Names and Fashioner of the Heavens!
  • . خلص الاحباء من سجن الاعداء
  • Free Thy lovers from the prison of the enemy.
  • . انك سلطان القضاء والمشرق من افق البداء
  • Verily, Thou art the Sovereign Ordainer of Thine irrevocable decree. He who alone shineth resplendent on the horizon of creation.
  • . يااصل البقاء لعمر البهاء لاتقطع الرجاء فانصر هؤلاء
  • O Everlasting Root! By the life of the All-Glorious, deprive them not of hope, nay rather aid and assist them.
  • . انت الحاكم علي ماتشاء وفي قبضك ملكوت الانشاء
  • Verily, Thou rulest as Thou pleasest and within Thy grasp lie the kingdoms of creation.
  • . قد شحذ الانياب للحم الاحباب
  • The fangs of Thine enemies have been whetted, ready to bite into the flesh of Thy lovers.
  • . ان نحفظ الاصحاب يامالك الرقاب والحاكم في المأب
  • Protect these companions, O Thou Who rulest over all humankind and art the Judge on the Day of Judgement.



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Noura Pourmoradian Is Arrested In Shiraz In The Name of Islam!


They Arrested Noura in SHIRAZ In The Name Of Islam and The Children Stopped to Drum!!


Little children in Shiraz are drumming for the safe release and return of their beloved music teacher Noura Pourmoradian who was arrested a few days ago while in class teaching them songs. Her arrest was in the name of Islam! Authorities told Noura’s parents that Baha’is couldn’t teach children, according to the Islamic Republic laws. Which means; Receiving and delivering education is a crime in Iran for Baha’is according to Islam and their daughter has crossed the RED line. They looked Noura’s parents in the eyes and said her crime is of a most serious kind while escorting Noura to await her sentence behind bars !!


What happened?

A few days ago, in the name of Islam, a band of male and female agents of the Islamic Republic Regime in Shiraz raided the school, marched through the school ground, barged into the preschoolers classroom, frightened the children, ordered Noura to get up as children watched in horror and arrested her. They put handcuffs on Noura, yanked and shoved her against the wall. They confiscated Noura’s cell phone, checked her body and, like a criminal, took Noura away to prison!! All in the name of Islam, all in the name of Islam!

Since then the children do not want to come to school. Those who do, cling to their parents and drum with sad faces, their eyes fixed on the door hoping Noura walks in with her radiant usual smile. The children are worried for their teacher’s safety and pray for her safe return. They do not understand why Islam is so scary and unpredictable!! They want their classroom once again filled with songs and music. They want to sing with Noura!! They want to sit on her lap, hear her melodious voice, drumming happy drums!! They want to like Islam too!


Parents and teachers are stunned, saddened, ashamed and angry about what happened in the name of Islam. They say; “We have no problem with any one having a different belief. We respect one another and we are happy as long as we share a common humanity.” Parents and teachers try to comfort the children and wonder where is God, where is Prophet Muhammad? One father cries and says; I wonder if He is watching and weeping from above on what is being committed in the name of Islam!


Who is Noura?

Noura is my young student in Iran. Her cheerful and hopeful spirit lifts my heart. Her determination, zeal and perseverance is amazing to watch in the face of ongoing injustice perpetrated on her family and others by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. As an Iranian American psychotherapist living in US for over 40 years, I see the Baha’is of Iran as beacons of love, unity and education for oneness of all mankind.


I remember a Couple of years ago suddenly Noura’s mom disappeared. The family did not know of her where about! Baha’is of Iran are well too familiar with the disappearing of their loved ones only to learn later that they are arrested and imprisoned in the name of Islam. It is all about a systematic plan for decapitating the Baha’i community by making it impossible to be a force for illumination in Iran. Noura’s mother was arrested twice on account of the same supposed crime; teaching parents and children the virtues of human kind through songs and stories in her own home! Noura witnessed the courage and perseverance of her mother and father dealing with Islamic Republic authorities cruelty and injustice all in the name of Islam. The parents of the children were all summoned to testify as witnesses to Noura’s mom’s crime. Almost all refused to betray their loved teacher and respected friend, all stood firm in support of Noura’s mom’s right as people of conscience who should worship as they choose under Islam.

Baha’u’llah, Noura says, has taught us to love our enemies which means to me to wish the best of this world and the next for all. I want to do as Baha’u’llah teaches. Loving humanity is a teaching of God for today. Educating children with the spirit of service is an act of worship according to Baha’i Teachings. Why am I barred from my act of worship in the name of Islam?

How Do I know Noura?

I was teaching Noura child development from a multicultural perspective. Noura has been barred from attending college because of being a Baha’i. Not having the chance to go to university in Iran made her sad inside. She dreamt of being able to study and to learn. She loves music and she loves to teach. “Music has helped me to connect with my spiritual powers and the joy within”; she once shared. Noura has a beautiful voice and when she chants the Baha’i prayers, it feels like angels come around and listen. “As a Baha’i child I have learned that music is the ladder of our soul. I see how children respond to moral education when I combine music and uplifting words. Their humanity comes out they are inspired to serve their fellow man. Children in Iran have so much sadness. As a Baha’i I believe education of their heart is the heart of education.” Noura told me. It is an honor for me to serve as her mentor.

What I Ask?

Would you please join me to speak up in defense of Noura? Would you ask your friends, your government, your representative, your teachers, your students, your neighbors, your family, to join us to shine a global flood light on the darkness that has suffocated Iran for so long? Would you speak up in support of the human rights of teaching all children what it means to be human? Would you please make an effort to include in your conversation the importance of basic human rights for the Baha’is of Iran and specially Noura Pourmoradian and all innocent prisoners in Iran.


The children, their parents and the school want the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran stop demonizing the Baha’is of Iran. They want the authorities to know there is no need for them to be afraid and scared of the influence of the Baha’i teachers in Iran? They want their children to have dedicated teachers such as Noura and her mom. What does the Islamic Republic have to loose by welcoming the Baha’i teachers to teach children about oneness of all humanity, elimination of all prejudice, equality of women and men, independent investigation of truth, world peace, oneness of all religions, oneness of God, harmony of science and religion, and discovery of spiritual solutions to the economic problems of the world? What harm comes to Islamic Republic of Iran if children learn to respect and value humanity in every one?


Parents, and teachers in Iran are praying for the freedom of all Baha’is who wish the betterment of Iran in the eyes of all mankind? People of Iran pray for their Baha’i neighbors and teachers who risk their lives only to elevate education of the next generation. They say; “Noura is like her name, luminous, a point of light and love. Noura is one of our best teachers. Noura is like a happy dream in sad times. Noura belongs to our classroom not in the corner of Islamic Republic dark and dangerous prison!!”


Let Noura go, let Noura go, Let Noura go, the children drum!!

Will you echo their drum? Will you pray for the universal music of love and respect for Basic human rights? Will you raise the question of until when “Receiving education and delivering education is a crime in Iran for Baha’is”? Will you join the children and all people of good will in concert in the name of God, the loving creator of ALL MANKIND announcing that education is never a crime!?

Prayer for Noura’s Safe return

He is God!

O Lord my God!  O Thou Helper of the feeble, Succorer of the poor and Deliverer of the helpless who turn unto Thee.

With utmost lowliness I raise my suppliant hands to Thy kingdom of beauty and fervently call upon Thee with my inner tongue, saying:

O Lord!  These souls have tasted bitter agony in this earthly life and have, as a sign of their love for the shining beauty of Thy countenance and in their eagerness to attain Thy celestial kingdom, tolerated every gross indignity that the people of tyranny have inflicted upon them.

O Lord!  Fill their ears with the verses of divine assistance and of a speedy victory, and deliver them from the oppression of such as wield terrible might.  Withhold the hands of the wicked and leave not these souls to be torn by the claws and teeth of fierce beasts, for they are captivated by their love for Thee, entrusted with the mysteries of Thy holiness, stand humbly at Thy door and have attained to Thine exalted precinct.

O Lord!  Graciously reinforce them with a new spirit; illumine their eyes by enabling them to behold Thy wondrous evidences in the gloom of night; destine for them all good that aboundeth in Thy Kingdom of eternal mysteries; make them as brilliant stars shining over all regions, luxuriant trees laden with fruit and branches moving in the breezes of dawn.

Verily, Thou art the Bountiful,the Mighty, the Omnipotent, the Unconstrained.  There is none other God but Thee, the God of love and tender mercy, the All-Glorious, the Ever-Forgiving.


Thank you for lending your voice in defense of the defenseless and the meek.


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Happy Birthday Baha’u’llah for Teaching How Humanity Can have the Good of This World and the Next.!


The Baha’is of Iran have been the target of the non stop attacks of the Islamic Republic Regime with all its powers and forces. From the onset of the revolution, secret documents were found that revealed the plots of the Islamic Regime to decapitate the peaceful and vibrant Baha’i community. The forward looking teachings of the Baha’i Faith is most threatening to the backward mindset of the regime.

One strategy that has worked for the Regime is the systematic arrest, intimidation, threats of execution, and finally asking for a hefty Bail (non refundable by design) to let the innocent go free. The Baha’is of Iran, have indeed proven the claim of Baha’u’llah in creating a new race of man who is independent of aught else except God.

The whole world is in awe to witness, their integrity, nobility of spirit, their spiritual sense of priorities preferring the love of humanity over and above every thing else and willing to pay for it.

Recently they had another multidirectional attack by their government in different parts of the country. May God reward every one with what they seek. The Baha’is want to love humanity so they live their value of oneness of all humanity. The Islamic Regime loves to destroy whoever loves humanity and celebrates unity in diversity and they cultivate hate and deceit.

Mrs. Jan-Nesar was arrested and imprisoned for her belief in the Baha’i Faith and service to teach children in the community. The family has paid the hefty bail to get her out.

I am moved by their sense of faith to not even be burdened by the cruelty and might of their government. They just practice what they believe to be good; honesty, integrity, and love of God exemplified in the unconditional love for all humanity.

مهناز جانثار که فعال حقوق کودکان است،برای دومین بار در بندرعباس دستگیر شد. ایشان در سال چهارم دبیرستان به خاطر اعتقاد به دیانت بهایی از دبیرستان اخراج شدند؛ اما او نه تنها دست از یادگیری و تحصیل بر نداشت بلکه با عزمی قویتر در موسسه علمی بهایی در رشته مشاوره تربیتی به تحصیل ادامه داد. پس از اتمام این دوره بخاطر عشق و علاقه به کودکان تصمیم به کمک به مشکلات کودکان گرفت و به همین منظور در زمینه اختلالات یادگیری کودکان ،مدرک خود را از جهاد دانشگاهی تهران اخذ نمود.
در آغاز کار با روانشناسی شروع به همکاری در مرکز مشاوره خصوصی نمودند و برای سخنرانی در بیمارستان روانپزشکی بندر عباس دعوت شدند، با معرفی نوع و شیوه کار با کودکان مورد استقبال روانپزشکان کودک و روانشناسان قرار گرفت که متاسفانه بدلیل منع کار دولتی با وجود نیاز به کار و تجربه ایشان نتوانستند همکاری خود را ادامه دهند.
بعلت مهاجرت روانشناس همکار، خانم جانثار کار خود را در منزل شخصی خود ادامه دادند و دوره مونته سوری و موسیقی درمانی هم در جهت کمک و درمان به کودکان آموختند.اما پس از مدتی در خرداد سال ۹۱ مامورین اطلاعات به منزل ایشان یورش بردند و او را بازداشت کردند ، پس از مدت ۲۳ روز با قید ضمانت آزاد شد.
پس از آزادی دست از تلاش در جهت کمک به کودکان بر نداشت با اینکه می دانست امکان و خطر بازداشت و تهدید مجدد وجود دارد.
مهناز با صبوری و با عشق سالها به بچه ها و مسائل تربیتی شان خدمت کرد.تا اینکه در سال ۱۳۹۵ حکم او صادر و به دو سال محرومیت از کار محکوم شدند ولی در ۲۷ فروردین ۹۶ دادگاه تجدید نظر این حکم را به ۴ ماه کاهش دادند.
ایشان خوشحال بودند که هنوز انسانهای شریفی در دستگاه قضایی وجود دارند که صدای او را می شنوند و با تعصب قضاوت نمی کنند، اما در ۲۹ فروردین سال ۹۶ برای بار دوم مامورین اطلاعات به منزل ایشان هجوم بردند و او را دستگیر کردند هم اکنون ایشان در باز داشت به سر می برند.
سئوال این است آیا پاداش سالهای خدمت عاشقانه و صادقانه به کودکان ایران زمین ، زندان ، شکنجه و تهدید است؟

This is what Baha’is believe and practice. It is up to the rest of the world to have the honor and privilege of speaking up for any one who resembles angels in this world occupied by Dart Waders of all sorts. Let us share the news so we share the nobiliity of their spirit.

The pictures of recently released  Mrs. Jan-Nesar and her family, speaks a thousand page. If this is who we as human beings can be, I have hope in humanity.

Happy birthday Baha’u’llah.



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A New Way of Understanding Why People Fight?



Baha’u’llah in one of His most mysterious Writings; Tablet of Salman, makes a reference to one of Rumi’s insightful and puzzling poems and sheds a bright and unprecedented light on it. In this tablet Baha’u’llah explain what Rumi really means by Moses fighting with Moses. The simple explanation, in my limited understanding, is how a single reality such as wealth appears in this world of existence divided in many colors of rainbow such as greed, generosity, power, poverty, etc. And how the same reality is independent of any color and only manifesting itself in the purity of divine spirit which has no color; the origin of rainbow. We inflict each other based on the colors of our own partial and misguided understanding. Baha’u’llah makes a reference to this in His Hidden Words that says:

Since, as far as I know, there is no official translation of the tablet of Salman, I hesitate to share my own limited understanding which is inherent in any translation. I hope one day soon, we do have an official translation of this magnificent Tablet.

In her facebook page Forouzandeh Rahmatpour 

makes a reference to the Tablet of Salman with a delightful comment for those of you who are versed in Persian. It sheds a light on who we take a position against one another in this world and turn the blessings of life and opportunities of love we are given on this earth which is supposed to be the image of heaven of God’s will, into a hell of our own colorful conduct born out of our ignorance  and create abuse and misunderstandings.

In His Persian Hidden Words # 74 Baha’u’llah makes a reference to the same meaning by saying;

O CHILDREN OF VAINGLORY! For a fleeting sovereignty ye have abandoned My imperishable dominion, and have adorned yourselves with the gay livery of the world and made of it your boast. By My beauty! All will I gather beneath the one-colored covering of the dust and efface all these diverse colors save them that choose My own, and that is purging from every color.

I hope you enjoy her work.




رنگ خدايى

هر گاه نیت خدایی بر دل غالب شود در آن صورت اعمال به بهترین شکل که همان صبغة الهی ( رنگ خدايى) است تجلی خواهد کرد و آدمی مقامات معنوی را یکی پس از دیگری سیر می نماید تا وجودش تجلیگاه اسم باطن گردد. می دانیم از خصوصیات اسماء باطن بی رنگی است که «لون و رنگ نمی گیرد …در آن صورت رهرو طریق حق بتدریج از رنگ آمیزی های عارضی پاک می شود و لباس عبودیت ، صبغ ربوبيت به خود ميگيرد .
با زدودن زنگارهای درون و تهذیب نفس زینت الهی و دل افروزی رنگ خدایی آشکار می شود و از این طریق در معرفت به روی دل بازمی گردد.
حضرت بهاءالله در كلمات مباركه مكنونه ميفرمايند:
اى ابناء غرور
بسلطنت فانيه ايّامی از جبروت باقی من گذشته و خود را باسباب زرد و سرخ می آرائيد و بدين سبب افتخار مينمائيد * قسم بجمالم که جميع را در خيمه يکرنگ تراب درآورم و همه اين رنگهای مختلفه را از ميان بردارم مگر کسانيکه برنگ من درآيند و آن تقديس از همهء رنگها است.

براستى صبغة الله ( رنگ الهى ) چيست ؟
گويند كه صبغةالله همان «فطرة اللّه» است که خداوند بشر را بر آن بیافرید و نهادش را از غير خود پاك نمود و به صبغه خود رنگ نمود .
“در آيه 138 سوره مباركه بقره بدينگونه نقل گرديده است كه تنها رنگ خدائى را بپذيريد (كه همان رنگ ايمان و توحيد خالص است ) (صبغة الله ).
سپس اضافه مى كند چه رنگى از رنگ خدائى بهتر است ؟ و ما منحصرا او را پرستش مى كنيم (و من احسن من الله صبغة و نحن له عابدون ).
و به اين ترتيب ، قرآن فرمان مى دهد همه رنگهاى نژادى و قبيلگى و ساير رنگهاى تفرقه انداز را از ميان بردارند و همگى به رنگ الهى در آيند.
مفسران نوشته اند كه در ميان مسيحيان معمول بود كه فرزندان خود را غسل تعميد مى دادند، گاه ادويه مخصوص زرد رنگى به آب اضافه مى كردند و مى گفتند: اين غسل مخصوصا با اين رنگ خاص باعث تطهير نوزاد از گناه ذاتى كه از آدم به ارث برده است مى شود.
قرآن بر اين منطق بى اساس ، خط بطلان مى كشد و مى گويد: بهتر اين است كه به جاى رنگ ظاهر و رنگهاى خرافاتى و تفرقه انداز، رنگ حقيقت و خدائى را بپذيريد تا روح و جانتان از هر آلودگى پاك گردد.
اگر مردم رنگ خدائى بپذيرند يعنى رنگ وحدت و عظمت و پاكى و پرهيزكارى .
رنگ بى رنگى و عدالت و مساوات و برادرى و برابرى .
و رنگ توحيد و اخلاص ، مى توانند در پرتو آن به همه نزاعها و كشمكشها كه هر گاه بى رنگى اسير رنگ شود به وجود مى آيد، از ميان بردارند، و ريشه هاى شرك و نفاق و تفرقه را بر كنند.
در حقيقت اين همان بى رنگى و حذف همه رنگها است .”
(ر.ك : تفسير نمونه، ج 1، صص 473و 474)

چونک بی رنگی اسیر رنگ شد

موسئی با موسئی در جنگ شد

چون به بی رنگی رسی کان داشتی

موسی و فرعون دارند آشتی

این عجب کین رنگ از بی رنگ خاست

رنگ با بی رنگ چون در جنگ خاست

(مثنوی، ج ١، ص ١٥٣)

جمال اقدس ابهى در اين مقام ميفرمايند :

“ملاحظه در فرعون زمان کن که اگر غنا و قدرت ظاهره نبود ابداً بمحاربه با جمال احديّه قيام نمى نمود * چه که در فقدان أسباب عاجز بوده و خواهد بود و کفر در او مستور * پس خوشا حال نفوسيکه اسير رنگ دنيا و ما خلق فيها نشده اند و بصبغ الله فائز گشته اند يعنى برنگ حق در اين ظهور بديع در آمده اند * و آن تقديس از جميع رنگهاى مختلفۀ دنيا است و جز منقطعين بر اين رنگ عارف نه چنانچه اليوم اهل بها که بر سفينۀ بقا را کبند و بر قلزم کبريا سائر يک ديگر را ميشناسند و دون اين اصحاب احدى مطّللع نه * و اگر هم عارف شوند همان مقدار که أعمى از شمس ادراک مينمايد …*اى سلمان * بگو بعباد که در شاطئ بحر ِقدم َ وارد شويد تا از جميع رنگها مقدّس گرديد و بمقر اقدس أطهر و منظر أکبر وارد شويد *..اى سلمان * جميع عباد را رنگهاى مختلفۀ دنيا از شاطئ قدس أبهى منع نموده .” ( لوح سلمان ، بسمى المخزون)

باشد كه با زدودن زنگارهای درون و تهذیب نفس زینت الهی و دل افروزی رنگ خدایی كه باقى و جاودانيست در قلوبمان آشکار شود و از این طریق در معرفت به روی دلهايمان باز گردد.

رنگ باقی صبغة الله است و بس

غیر آن بربسته دان همچون جرس

رنگ صدق و رنگ تقوی و یقین

تا ابد باقی بود بر عابدین

(مثنوی، جلد٣، ص ٥٤٥)

گرد آورى: فروزنده

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House Concert In Defense of Human Rights and Freedom of Education in Iran


دستگیری ۱۶ شهروند بهایی در سراسر ایران

Education is not a crime but it is in Iran for the Baha’is of Iran!!

Please join us in the following house concert on Tuesday December 1, 2015

Our beloved and revered musicians from Quartet Euphoria at the Claremont Colleges  perform  Beethoven’s beautiful and powerful String Quartet in E flat Major, opus 127.

Also SANTAR Persian Mystical Ensemble shares a few pieces.

The event is dedicated to the cause of awareness and protest in defense of the human rights for all, oneness of all religions and specially the on going attacks on the peaceful Baha’is of Iran.

The students in the Baha’i community have been barred from attending higher education and faculty of the Baha’i Institute of Higher Education are systematically arrested and put in prison for over 30 years by the Islamic Republic Regime.

Just as the massacre was happening in Paris and elsewhere, the Islamic Republic Regime raided the homes and businesses of Baha’is in 4 corners of the country arresting the students and youth and closing the shops and businesses. 17 more people are now taken to prison.

This is part of a 30 year systematic and on going attempt by the Islamic Republic Regeme to further decapitate and intimidate the Baha’i community, the largest religious minority in Iran and the most educated group with forward thinking values in defense of human rights for all humanity.

Your presence and participation will be a sign of solidarity to human rights to education and freedom for all.

please find further details about the program bellow:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6:30: Pm potluck dinner  8:00 PM concert

in Claremont CA 91711

For RSVP and more information, please call:

Keyvan Geula (909) 625-5075,  e-mail,

Sponsored by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Claremont and  Center for Global Integrated Education


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