Interview on KSPC FM about the Baha’i Faith and its Uproot in Iran


An Interview about the Baha'i Faith and human rights violation of Baha'is in Iran with Keyvan Geula

In 2009 shortly after Roxana Saberi was freed from the Islamic Republic Regime’s Evin prison she paid a visit to the Claremont Colleges and spoke about her horrific experience and unbelievable accusations of being a spy for US and the promise of how she would be rewarded with her liberty if she cooperated with the ISLAMIC government justice system!

Subsequent to her talk, on October 20 2009 the Claremont Colleges Evan Preston of KSPC FM Radio asked for an interview with Keyvan Geula about her experience of growing up in Iran as a Baha’i and why Baha’is in Iran face gross violations of human rights such as execution, imprisonment, being barred from attending university for 30 years on account of their belief, being rejected employment and their pensions, children being harassed in schools by their teachers and classmates?

Although the interview is brief but the questions are very well formulated and provides a special opportunity for a well rounded picture of the Baha’i experience of growing up in Iran and what is the message of the Baha’i Faith in relation to some key global concerns and Islamic Republic values.  The interview sheds a personal light on the present situation of the Baha’i prisoners; the unfortunate situation of violations of human rights in Iran; the perseverance of the Baha’i community under extreme adverse situation and ongoing injustice to the Baha’i community in Iran.

Interview on KSPC FM about the Baha’i Faith and its Uproot in Iran by CGIE

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Executive Director of center for Global Integrated Education; inc. Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist in the State of California
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3 Responses to Interview on KSPC FM about the Baha’i Faith and its Uproot in Iran

  1. Ed Preston says:

    I have enjoyed this interview twice–once “live” and now. Full disclosure–my son is the interviewer. It is informative and enlightening; we are all searchers and this is about that and more.

  2. keyvan says:

    Dear Ed
    Thank you for this encouraging feedback. Congratulation for having raised a wonderful human being with an inquisitive mind. Evan is a very talented young man and he has very distinct and lofty goals. I look forward to seeing him next semester and wishing him all the best in the service to humanity.
    Keyvan Geula

  3. Purirahe says:

    Thank you for making public this meaningful interview.

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