A Seldom Used Force of Luke Sky Walker

خانه پدری – علیرضا نوریزاده ونامه دختر ۷ ساله بهایی به دادستان from Ensan Doost on Vimeo.

The voice of this 7 year old girl is such a soothing, haunting and touching music, I kept wanting to go back and hear it again. It made me convinced of a power we seldom use in transforming the human civilization and heart if there is any humanity left in it. If it is true that the judge was moved to free her mother, humanity might have hope. This hope saves us all from having to become a Dart Wader in order to be with the force.

Much power to the meek and peaceful Baha’is of Iran. For the sake of goodness in the world, I hope they never surrender to the Dart Waders attacking them day and night.


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