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The Way to Happiness and Peace is Respect for the Human Rights of All Humanity

Tweet     Our beautiful planet is a small homeland which we can see from one end of it to another in a single click. We must give everyone on it a fair chance to live and to love. “The … Continue reading

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Koohyar Goodarzi Letter about All Human Respect Others Right to Education

Tweet One of the most oppressive actions of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran amongst their many violations of human rights is the banning of the opportunities of education to citizens who do not belief as they do and have … Continue reading

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A Grascious Letter by Dariush Eghbali in Response to a Mistake

Tweet A moving video and song has been circulating the media in relation to the on going persecution of the Baha’i community of Iran b the Islamic Republic Regime. The video was by mistake attributed to Dariush Eghbali, the Iranian … Continue reading

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Iranian Artists, Musicians and Songwriters Express Anger and Opposition to the Violations of Human Rights In Iran

Tweet Music and art has always been one of the most powerful and effective means of social awareness, social justice and social change. So much emotions can be bundled in one line of a song and music. We still can … Continue reading

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The Song that Celebrates the Holy City of Shiraz

Tweet The City of Shiraz in the southern part of Iran is the birth place of many wonderful things such as roses, the poets Hafiz and Sadi. To the Baha’is all over the world, Shiraz is the birth place of … Continue reading

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