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By God, God is One, by humans, He is Many

Tweet     My brother sent me this video this morning and I listened to it over and over and wept keeping the Baha’is of Iran who are suffering, especially the ones in prison, in my mind and heart. Dua-ye … Continue reading

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Global Request for Prayers for the Baha’is in Iran in prison on Ascension of Baha’u’llah

Tweet El 29 de mayo es la conmemoración de la ascensión de Bahá’u’lláh. Por favor reciten la Tabla de Fuego Antes o después de la lectura de la tabla de visitación. En cualquier pueblo o aldea. En cualquier idioma, recitar … Continue reading

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Celebration of Ridvan with an interview with Ardavan Mofid

Tweet The above video is a delightful interview with Ardavan Mofid and his loving, charming, and unifying insight about the beauty and uniqueness of the festival of Ridvan. The festival of Ridvan marks the historic occasion of Baha’u’llah’s declaration as … Continue reading

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Jihad is not Allowed any More

Tweet دیالکتیک شمشیر و جهاد در آثار حضرت باب — نادر سعیدی With the Revelation of the Bab the command of Jihad was made forbidden by the Bab. In this article Nader Saiidi, the sociologist and Baha’i scholar clarifies how … Continue reading

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Baha’i Prisoners in Iran; No, not a Hunger Strike

Tweet They observe everything for the Love of God. They even fast in prison for the love of God. For Baha’is the love of God is supposed to be at the center of every breath they take. March 2-20 is … Continue reading

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