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Why the Ideals of the Iranian Revolution Were Condemned to Failure .. چرا آرمانهای انقلاب ایران با شکست روبرو گردید

Tweet   Due to the pressing significance of this article today and in the light of the recent and ongoing persecution of the Baha’i students and villagers in Iran, I would like to make note of this very important analysis … Continue reading

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CNN Responds with a Valentine to the Abuses of Human Rights of the Baha’is of Iran

Tweet Today is Valentine’s day and I want to share my deepest love for the Baha’i prisoners in Iran who are punished because of love taught by their Baha’i Faith and punished by their government of Islamic Republic of Iran … Continue reading

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CNN´s Fareed Zakaria interviews Iranian politician Larijani – 21 Nov. 2010 P1

Tweet The interview speaks for itself. Farid is a very smart interviewer and any smart observer sees the truth he is trying to make aprent. I was hoping Fareed would ask him about the hatred and hostility resulting in violations … Continue reading

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The Iranian people Struggle to Build a New Identity.

Tweet In a most articulatelecture called “The Baha’i Community, Human Rights, and the Construction of a New Iranian Identity on February 24, 2010 In Chicago, Dr. Payam Akhavan sheds light on one of the most puzzling contemporary issues raised by … Continue reading

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