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Stories for Humanity and Human Rights

Tweet There is nothing like a story to capture every corner of human imagination. When we hear a story, we are not just listening, we take our place on the stage and become one of the characters and experience the … Continue reading

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Behold the Faces of Baha’i Children Witnessing A New Phase of Persecution!

Tweet   Who can claim to be human, watch the expression of this child and not be moved to the core of its human heart and consciousness regretting the pain and agony we humans inflict on each other and for … Continue reading

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Mahnaz Parakand Scapes Iran Before Arrested and Speaks of Her Baha’i Clients Before the Europian Parliament سخنان وکیل رهبران زندانی بهائی در پارلمان اروپا

Tweet یکی از وکیلان مدافع هفت مدیر بهائی زندانی در ایران در نشست فوق العادهای در پارلمان اروپا طی سخنان پرشوری خواستار اجرای عدالت در مورد آنها شد. مهناز پراکند به حاضران گفت انتظار مردم ایران آن است که «دولت … Continue reading

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Education denied; the plight of Baha’i Youth in Iran

Tweet Baha’i parents and youth in Iran are banned from having this joy of celebration. Iran’s Islamic Republic Regime does everything it can to block the Baha’i youth from education inside and outside of the country!! I know, it is … Continue reading

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A Global Call to Prayer for YARAN in Iran

Tweet Baha\’i prayer chant for Yaran by KeyvanYou are asked to participate in a global prayer to free Yaran in Iran June 12, 2010 is the 4rth trial date for the Seven former Baha’i administrators in the Evin Prison at … Continue reading

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