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Beethoven and Rumi In Concert for Human Rights in Iran

Tweet The ongoing violations of human rights in Iran is at the forefront of the mind of people of heart and humanity. The Quartet Euphoria of Claremont Colleges have been a most loving support for many years in defense of … Continue reading

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The Worst prison in the World Witnesses the Victory of Virtous Beauty

Tweet بدترین زندان جهان امروز شاهد پیروزی اخلاقی تام Farzam Kamal-Abadi is the younger brother of one of the seven innocent Baha’is thrown in prison in Iran by the Islamic Republic Regime for exercising the very basic human rights God … Continue reading

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Koohyar Goodarzi Letter about All Human Respect Others Right to Education

Tweet One of the most oppressive actions of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran amongst their many violations of human rights is the banning of the opportunities of education to citizens who do not belief as they do and have … Continue reading

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