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Dr. Maleki Appologizes ملاقات دکتر ملکی اولین رئیس دانشگاه طهران و محمد نوری زاد از خانم آفاق رحیمیان و ترانه طائفی‎

Tweet   Dr. Mummad Maleki, the eighty year old former president of Tehran University, pays a visit in company of Muhammad Noorizad, to the home of the 17 year old Baha’i student Taraneh Taefi, whose mother Mrs. Fariba Kamal-Abadi was … Continue reading

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Iranian Muslims Are Called to Rescue Their Religion فراخوان بزرگ وملی محمد نوری زاد برای نجاست روبی

Tweet   In a recent blog on his own website, Muhammad Noorizad of Iran is asking the people of Iran, in particular the Muslims of Iran, to mobilize and distinguish their way and their understanding of Islam from those who … Continue reading

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Kissing the Feet of the Little Baha’i

Tweet  I felt bewildered when I read this story. Do I see a change of culture? Do you see what I see? A well known Muslim Muhammad Noorizad, feels helpless and ashamed of his fellow Muslim believers’ legacy of injustice, … Continue reading

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