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The Crime of Education and Chaffey College

Tweet The nationwide campaign of Education Under Fire is spreading like a breeze of fresh air throughout the nation’s universities and colleges. Students as well as faculty, in this country,  can truly appreciate the plight of the Iranian Baha’i youth … Continue reading

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Education Under Fire Screening at the Claremont Colleges another Voice Added to The Choir

Tweet For every breath of the faculty and students of BIHE in captivity, a thousand faculty and students all around the world raise up their voices in protest and outrage. The video of the screening of the documentary of Education … Continue reading

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Baha’i Women Political Prisoners Transferred to Iranian Death Concentration Camp to Die

Tweet Your browser must support javascript. This is a painful letter no brother wishes to write. What would and could any of us say or do in his situation? He is in China, seemingly free but he is getting ready … Continue reading

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CNN.Com is sounding the Bells for All Who Are Alive!!

Tweet Can anyone consider themselves alive today amidst a global media access available to all of us and not cry out in defense of the human rights of the innocent Bahaí prisoners in Iran? It was just a few years ago right … Continue reading

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Why America is the Most Powerful Nation in the World?

Tweet “America is not the most powerful, best nation in the world because we are rich or have a large military but because we represent the moral authority of a democratic people representing the dignity of each individual on this planet.” … Continue reading

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