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Behold the Faces of Baha’i Children Witnessing A New Phase of Persecution!

Tweet   Who can claim to be human, watch the expression of this child and not be moved to the core of its human heart and consciousness regretting the pain and agony we humans inflict on each other and for … Continue reading

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Baha’i Not a Religion, Claims Moslem Brotherhood Prominent Member!!

Tweet What else is new?? Is anybody surprised? The fox wants charge of the hen house? The reasoning for this outrageous claim is simplistic as well as ridiculous. It reminds me of George Orwell’s animal Farms!!! Mr. Sobhi Saleh thinks … Continue reading

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Gharchak Concentration Camp in Iran, A Radio Interview Peek!!

Tweet Why Gharchak prison; every one is asking? Radio interview, take a peek into the secret Gharchak death camp This is an amazing audio peek into Gharchak so called prison which is really a predetermined death concentration camp chosen by … Continue reading

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