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The Way to Happiness and Peace is Respect for the Human Rights of All Humanity

Tweet     Our beautiful planet is a small homeland which we can see from one end of it to another in a single click. We must give everyone on it a fair chance to live and to love. “The … Continue reading

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Baha’i Not a Religion, Claims Moslem Brotherhood Prominent Member!!

Tweet What else is new?? Is anybody surprised? The fox wants charge of the hen house? The reasoning for this outrageous claim is simplistic as well as ridiculous. It reminds me of George Orwell’s animal Farms!!! Mr. Sobhi Saleh thinks … Continue reading

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Raha Sabet shares: Iranian Baha’is Behind the Bars of Islamic Republic Prisons, Punished for Living Their Faith.

Tweet Raha Sabet, A  young Baha’i girl in Iran was arrested while serving her community educating the disadvantaged children. She has been trying to call out from her captivity and grab our attention to the unfortunate acts of human rights … Continue reading

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“We Call Them The Years of Horror,”!!

Tweet “We call them the years of horror,” one Baha’i woman told the BBC. She did not want to be identified. All over the world people understand how children are the future and how humanity is obligated to safeguard this … Continue reading

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UCLA Cosponsors Struggle for Human Rights in Iran

Tweet The struggle over the human rights of the Bahaís of Iran is reaching a most agonizing state as the 3rd trial and most likely a show trial scheduled for the seven former leaders on April 10, 2010 is fast … Continue reading

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