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Thanks for “Stand up for Iranian Bahá’ís’ right to a higher education”

Tweet The Guardian on Saturday 11 June 2011, has published an article to express solidarity with the Baha’i Students of BIHE in Iran who not only are barred for 30 years from attending the university in Iran, but the authorities … Continue reading

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The US Commission on International Religious Freedom Calls the Trial a “SHAM”

Tweet I can admit, this form of universal and international protest and unanimous outcry of the civilized world should make all who are humans especially all human rights activists very happy. It is comforting to hear the statement of the … Continue reading

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A death threat letter to every Bahaí students in Iran…

Tweet The Bahaí students in Iran and their on-line volunteer teachers from all over the world recently received a frightening death threat from a Moslem group called; Unknown Soldiers of the Imam Zaman. This Moslem faithful is urging an end … Continue reading

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