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Raha Sabet shares: Iranian Baha’is Behind the Bars of Islamic Republic Prisons, Punished for Living Their Faith.

Tweet Raha Sabet, A  young Baha’i girl in Iran was arrested while serving her community educating the disadvantaged children. She has been trying to call out from her captivity and grab our attention to the unfortunate acts of human rights … Continue reading

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French Academia and Scientists Appeal to Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

Tweet The other day a nine year old Bahaí boy was asking a college student mentor if the university students are doing anything to reach out to the Haitian victims of earthquake? He followed his sincere inquiry with; “truly the Haitians must … Continue reading

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Canaries in Iran are Gasping for Fresh Air!!

Tweet The article by Howard Adleman in Globe .comhas an interesting metaphor. It takes a great deal of emotional charge for a journalists to search for and come up with a metaphor to say a lot in a nutshell. The … Continue reading

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